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Why NYC Social?

  • 970827_10200735363058191_1945184114_nJosh M.

    Best. Night. Ever.


    I am literally obsessed with NYC Social! It doesn't matter if it's the league game, the beer pong after the game, or hanging with everyone at the bar at the end of the night, my entire night is at a infinite 10! I've made countless friends through the different leagues I've been apart of and at the end of each night, before bed, I somehow manage to murmur, "Best. Night. Ever." to myself before falling asleep. NYC Social allowed me to finally have a social life again after I graduated. Thursday nights are easily the best night of the week, every week.

  • 1147477_10151714480082887_1685268572_oTodd H.

    NYC Social, you are my everything


    NYC Social is a great way to meet new people, have a little weekly fun and experience one of the great things that big cities have to offer, social sports. NYC Social is the epitome of happiness and joy, wrapped up in the essence of social sports and communal drinking games. Everlasting friendships are forged and relationships bonded in the fires of competition provided by these weekly events.

  • 2016-04-04 15.12.07 (1)Laural S.

    I have made new life-long friends


    It is so hard to boil down what I love about this league into a few sentences. Game-days are the highlight of my week; not only are the games always action packed, but the people that play and run the league are truly amazing! I have made new life-long friends all while mastering the art of Flip cup.


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Bars in Manhattan, Brooklyn & Queens

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Where We Play

With over 25 fields and 20+ bars throughout Manhattan Brooklyn & Queens, our players can find the perfect fit!

Corporate Teams

We can help you find the perfect activity that fits your company! We have packages for corporate & Alumni teams and for friends to join!

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Upcoming Events

Only Skeeball teams that qualified for the city championship will be playing but we welcome all NYC Social members to come out and enjoy FREE BEER!

Join us for one of the most fun parties of the year! Day Drinking, Bocce Competition for Citywide Honors, Music and FUN! All Winter Members from NYC Social are 100% Free for this event. All Guests are $10 and $15 at the door (if you didn’t RSVP)

We’re Hiring!

Work hard, play harder! Literally. NYC Social is looking for weekly hosts for our leagues. Seeking sports lovers and social butterflies! Please include your resume & how you heard about NYC Social.

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