Wednesday Beach Volleyball in Tribeca  

Dig deep in the sand with NYC Social!  Each week your team plays 3 games. This is a 10-week season that includes 6 regular season games, two byes, and two weeks of Playoffs, with winning teams taking medals and bar tabs. All teams get a 7th game, even the ones not in the Playoffs.  Like all of our leagues, this is co-ed and casually competitive.  All games are followed by a Post-Game Social with price specials.  

Time: 5:45-11:30pm

Individual team game times vary by week. (Day of game, time, and location are subject to change.)

Location: Pier 25 - West St. &    N. Moore St., NYC

(all locations subject to change.)

$150 per player: Fees are non-refundable, but we do offer a guarantee.  Fee includes all Game Equipment, Gamestaff, and Post-Game Socials with price specials. 

All players must be age 21 or older.