Leadership Team

Giovanni Marcantoni

CEO & Founder
Nickname: Gio
College: University of Delaware
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Favorite Sports: Bocce
Fun Fact: I take vacations
Go Orioles!

Elliot Jeffords

Director of Sponsorship
College: American University, Washington DC
Hometown: Boulder, CO
Favorite Sports: Kickball, Soccer, Skeeball
Fun Fact: I don’t take vacations
If I were a fruit, I’d be a grape.

Steve Frenchman

Everyone's Boss
Corporate Partnerships & NYC Operations
Commissioner NY Corporate/Lawyers Athletic League
Nickname: Frenchie
College: Binghamton/Cortland
Hometown: Roslyn, NY/Brooklyn
Favorite Sports: Basketball, Skeeball
Fun Fact:I used to manufacture ladies dresses
“Live and love everyday ’till exhaustion”

Sarah Cho

Nickname: Cho
College: Baruch College
Hometown: Manhattan, NY
Favorite Sports: Bocce
Bruises are a badge of honor

Frank Del Cervo

Nickname: The Fonz
College: Eastern Connecticut State University
Hometown: Hamden, CT
Favorite Sports: Beach Volleyball, Bocce
Fun Fact: This is a real job
 “Have a good time, all the time.”-Viv Savage

Lindsay Honorof

Semi Tech Expert
Nickname: LindsayBearPig
College: George Washington University
Hometown: Manhasset, NY
Favorite Sports: Kickball, Swimming, Sailing
Fun Fact: I’ve never stayed awake through an entire movie

Steve Stein

Nickname: Steiny
College: Stony Brook/Evergreen State College
Hometown: Brooklyn/Teaneck
Favorite Sports: Hoops, Freestyle Frisbie
Wherever You Go There You Are

Sport Supervisors

Sara Straw

Sassy Skeeball Supervisor
Nickname: Straw
College: SUNY Fredonia and Keller Graduate School of Management
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Favorite Sports: Baseball (Yankees) and Football (Buffalo Bills)
Fun Fact: I don’t know how to ride a bike. I was always a roller blader.
Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.” – Babe Ruth

Jeff Delucas

VP of NYC Kickball
Nickname: The better Jeff
College: Manhattan College
Hometown: Staten Island
Favorite Sports: kickball, skeeball, bocce, basketball, snowboarding
Fun Fact: I once skinny dipped in the Atlantic and Pacific within 18 hours
“Yo Tommy! I didn’t hear no bell”

Jeff Hunt

VP Bocce Operations
Nickname: JHunt “better than the best” Jeff
College: Loyola College in Maryland
Hometown: Parts unknown
Favorite Sports: Bocce, Swimming, Water Polo
Fun Fact: Everything I say is always super serious and I never tell a lie.
“Live every week like it’s shark week” – Tracy Jordan

Jessie Trapp

Queen of Brooklyn
Nickname: JTrex
College: UConn
Hometown: Fairfield, CT
Favorite Sports: Skeeball, Bocce, track, soccer
Fun Fact: My father invented toaster strudel  
” ‘I been in this game for years, it made me a animal It’s rules to this shit, I wrote me a manual’ – Biggie Smalls ” – Jessie Trapp

PJ Linen

Football Supervisor
College: Flipcup University
Hometown: The Bronx
Favorite Sports: Football Bowling
Fun Fact: I slay as Miley Cyrus during karaoke
I am a confident, panda-loving, QB-throwing guy who never gets rattled. My motto is “I ain’t worried,” and I have no problem rocking a shirt with that quote and a picture of myself emblazoned on it. Oh, and I will also school you in beer pong, monopoly, and connect four. 

Dee Pena

Nickname: Sweet Dee
College: Hofstra University
Hometown: Long Beach, NY
Favorite Sports: Kickball, Dodgeball, Bocce, Skeeball, Volleyball
Fun Fact: I love Dancing Salsa and Merengue!!
“Just can’t live that negative way… make way for the positive day!”
~Bob Marley~

Chester Hernandez

Dodger Federer
Nickname: DJ Lorelai Chillmore
College: Rutgers University
Hometown: Woodside, Queens
Favorite Sports: Basketball, Hockey, and Dodgeball
Fun Fact: I once met Tina Fey in Princeton. It was glorious.
“Ain’t no rules says a Dog can’t play basketball.” – Air Bud

Elizabeth Rhone

The official Corn-Majesty of Cornhole
Nickname: Liz
College: Tennessee State University
Hometown: I physically grew up in Hot Springs, Arkansas, but mentally resided in “Rhythm Nation” 🙂
Favorite Sports: Cheerleading (Yes, it’s a sport!), Gymnastics, Football, Basketball, Kickball!
Fun Fact: I spent my childhood perfecting my Janet Jackson nose impersonation
You’ll find me always looking for fun things to do!  My motto is work hard, so you can play harder!  As cookie monster says, live in the moment and if it’s unpleasant in which case, eat a cookie.