What exactly is this deliciously pink refreshing beverage we all consume potentially too much of during the long summer days? Rosé! Yes, but why is it SO GOOD?!

It’s funny because along with the popularity of social media grew the love for this sipping wine, considered by some in the last couple years the “new thing”. However, did you know that it is actually really the oldest type of wine to be made?! The way it’s made is very straightforward and less complicated compared to a white or deep red. But why the resurgence, why the popularity now as compared to the 90s and 2000s?!

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Rose Mansion

We won’t get too deep into this, but before Instagram – we all know this was it, come on – when we thought of a pink wine we most likely thought of a white zinfandel, perhaps one in a big box. The sickeningly sweet pink wine paved a tough road for our popular and way less sweet pink that million of millennials and older generations are enjoying these days.

I don’t think we have enough hours in a day to see just how many social media posts are based around this drink. Millions. There is even a place here in NYC dedicated to the pink drink and countless Insta-worth moments; Rosé Mansion. Only open until October, this pop-up is rosé everything, all-day, every-day (yes, please)!

<—– How cute is this pic from Rosé Mansion?!

Rosé comes in cans to go. Rose comes in single serve little bottles. It comes cold or slightly cool or room temperature. It comes with bubbles, without bubbles, and even with less bubbles than the really bubbly one. It comes frozen, usually garnished with a strawberry and is called ‘Frosé’ (it is so very good). The possibilities are endless.

I think if we polled 100 people and asked when they think rosé season is, 99 of them would say summer, and then proceed to ask for a glass because, let’s be honest, NYC in the summer is sometimes too hot to do anything but drink rose (like right now for example). But I am here to tell you that there are reasons you can enjoy your favorite drink all year long!

Fall: As I mentioned before, there are many brands that come in cans. Babe rosé (has bubbles), Underwood, and Margerum (each can contains half a bottle of wine, yay) to name just a few of the canned versions. That being said, bring them with you to your NY Jets or NY Giants tailgate party! Football and wine?! There is NOTHING better!


Winter: Guys, rosé can be enjoyed at room temperature and it’s delicious. Instead of feeling chilly with snow falling outside while you sip your chilled Pinot Grigio or feeling really full from eating a hearty winter meal coupled with a deep red, drink rosé! It goes well with literally everything and you will feel slightly warmer and slightly less full than with other wine options.

Spring: Flowers are starting to bloom, the sun angle is creating a little more warmth, and you’re ready to get outside. You can bring the warmth wherever you are with a glass of rosé! Sip with friends and chat about how you’re so very excited for the upcoming summer!

Syrah Queen

There are many, many more reasons you can enjoy rosé outside of summertime. I challenge you this coming fall (and beyond) to find those reasons for yourself! PSA: I am considering rosé ciders to be under the rosé umbrella.

My favorite rosé: Finca Wölffer Rosé 2017. Wolffer’s Estate Vineyard is local to NY being out east on Long Island. Apparently, rosé became so popular that the Hamptons’ elite  actually got nervous that they were going to run out of the stuff. Oh, my goodness.

You’re welcome. Enjoy the rosé!

Jackie’s current favorite rosé from Wölffers Estate in New York.
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