Friends + Sports = Happy You!

Those of you that play with us clearly know the benefits of playing social sports. Just the name alone, social sports, sounds SO enticing. Really though, why should you join a league?! Also, with NYC Social there is convenience. Your work ‘hood, your home ‘hood, and your in-between-the-two ‘hoods are all options for social sports play. Let’s dive into the benefits!


  • Athleticism: When you are a member of a gym, which over 55 million people in the US are, you can make excuses for yourself. “Oh, I will do it later, after work.” “I’m tired, I should sleep in instead of the gym.” “My back hurts.” “Blah, blah, and blah!!” USA Today reported that 67% of gym memberships go unused! What?! Even for gyms that cost hundreds a month like Equinox, CrossFit Gyms, and more. The excuses are endless, and frankly, you should be tired of them. If you are a part of a social sports team, everyone fully relies on you being there. You get your workout in because you can’t let your team down.
  • Activity: As you get older, work and life just get in the way. Running around (literally) for 30+ minutes at least once a week with your team in your social sports league can give you more energy, lower your blood pressure, strengthen your whole body, give you a good sweat, and get your heart rate up.
  • Competition: A little competition is good for the soul! Competition pushes you to work harder on the field and court than you normally would (those mental feelings of competitiveness will translate into non-athletic tasks, just you see). Adults sometimes lose their “athletic” competitiveness because everything these days is virtual and hardly face to face. Social sports puts you face to face with friends to compete and challenge yourself in a friendly environment. There are some social sports leagues (ahem, again, NYC Social) that also offer Performance Leagues for those adults that want more competition in a higher skilled environment (ie; former college athletes that want to continue playing their sport in some capacity). You can get the level of competition that you desire.


  • Nostalgia: Do you have fond memories growing up of playing games in gym class, after school, intramural activities, for your school, and in the neighborhood? A lot of social sports leagues offer these same sports! The nostalgic feeling when you step out onto the blacktop for Wednesday night Kickball will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Who doesn’t want that?!
  • Pleasure: Social sports make exercise more fun! You will feel so very happy knowing that you don’t have the chore of getting your fit on. Pleasure will ensue with friends, and this will trigger endorphins and serotonin in your brain to give you all those feel good vibes.
  • Anxiety Reduction: Calling all people who are stressed. Oh, hello everyone in every city ever (especially NYC). Close contact and exercise can increase dopamine and other neurotransmitters in the brain which help reduce anxiety. It is emotionally smart of you to join a social league if less anxiety is the only outcome (which it’s totally not). The health repercussions of too much stress are through the roof. Save yourself from this by joining!


  • New Friends: Meet new people in a social sports league! Many people move around after college and during their careers, so it is perfect for finding friends in a new city. You can join these leagues as an individual and then you’re placed on a team. Cue new friendships starting now!
  • Learn About Your New City: Say you don’t really click to be besties with someone your first season. That’s okay, because there are always more leagues to join the next season. However, you will learn about your new city regardless. You will become familiar with new parks, bars, restaurants, and neighborhoods. That alone is enough to kickstart your new city life!
  • Love: Single?! You may meet your soulmate! Delete those dating apps and put your phone away! Meet your next bae IRL, not virtually. You’re welcome.
  • Fun: Play your game, have some drinks, unwind and let loose after work. What is life without fun?!
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