We’re so lucky up here in the North East that we get four very different seasons. Some may disagree when there is a foot of snow on the ground…BUT WE’RE NOT THERE YET PEOPLE, thank goodness.

Spooky, leaf-peeping, hot cider drinking season has arrived! What is there to look forward to in the fall?!

So many things!

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*Saying “bye, bye” to humidity:

Well, we can see this change has JUST happened here in the Tri-state this week, as I just used my AC and it was about 80 degrees here last week. We can dream about the nights where the window can be cracked for a little air and to the mornings that we just know in our hearts it’s a safe-to-do-your-hair day (ladies, right?!). With no humidity comes cooling temps, at this point mostly everyone is cheering for our finally arrived fall weather, which also comes with frost on the grass! City life can hide the fall frost really well, but take a trip to the burbs early morning, and  you will see a refreshing fall frost. That makes some people smile! Also, Nikcii from our office says “the air just smells cleaner!” I agree!

*October Sports:

This best sports month of the year, period! You have the NFL getting into the heart of the season where you can see which teams are making a big splash early and which teams are falling short of expectations. Also, hello fantasy football fun! You have the NHL season getting into week three of play. The quest for the next Stanley Cup champion is officially underway (DC we’re looking at YOU, can you repeat?). You have MLB playoffs, and all the drama that comes with it! Playoff baseball is SO FUN. You have the MLS season winding down toward the end of the month. By months end we will have all playoff teams set! Then you have the NBA season officially getting underway a couple days ago! Just a sports lovers dream month (no complaints from me over here). 

*Scarves and sweaters:

It’s sweater weather, and I know we all look forward to that. Where we can wear a sweater, no coat, and be perfectly comfy. The best! Scarves are such a great accessory too, and now is the time to play with lighter, non-snowboarding type scarves! Fun colored pashminas, light silkier ones, thin knitted ones… the options are endless!

*Yummy smelling candles:

Candles are just the best! They smell so yummy, especially the ones that are made with fall in mind. They create the coziest vibe for every room of your home! Let’s just list the best scents for fall: pumpkin, vanilla cake, harvest, apple pie, cinnamon roll, autumn wreath, crisp fall night, spicy pumpkin… there are so many!

*Fall holidays:

Halloween and Thanksgiving. Enough said!

*Fall decorations:

People go all out, and I am not mad at it. Hay, pumpkins, orange lights, weird gourds, dried corn stalks, and we can’t forget the spider webs and skeletons. Anything to shake a little scare into you!

*Hot apple cider and yummy coffee drinks:

It may be considered basic, but if you don’t get at least one PSL each fall, there is may be something wrong. Okay, so if coffee is not your thing, and/or the pumpkin spice is just a tad too sweet, have a hot cider instead. Sprinkle a little cinnamon on top, boom. You’re golden!


Now that the air is cooler, everyone wants to turn on their ovens and bake treats! I can’t even begin to list all the delicious fall baked goods that surface this time of year. Just know that baking is one of the best parts of fall… now that summer is over and we are ok with a little extra insulation for winter, hehe.

*Pumpkin and apple picking, hayrides too:

I don’t think that I would want to go to the farm any other time of the year. But, once fall rolls around, everyone wants to go pick their own apples and pumpkins, and hop on a tractor and get pulled around in a cart full of hay. You can buy fresh produce, fresh cheese, fresh donuts! Oh the farm is so fun in the fall. If you add in a local vineyard and do some wine tasting, nothing can me more perfect.

*Leaf peeping:

The leaves in the fall change beautiful colors! It is so wonderful to take in that sight before they all fall off for the winter. Sometimes taking a drive and seeing lots of colorful trees in front of you (once you leave the city of course) can arouse happiness in your soul! I think you should all try it!

OK! That’s wraps up my things to LOVE about fall, although there are so many more things. I would have been here forever listing away! Just FYI, my brother did tell me today that I am obsessed with pumpkins. OK, so maybe. Is that bad?

Happy Fall!

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