Dear Santa - We Need These Drinks At Our Holiday Gatherings

We have made it to Christmas weekend! 🎅 🎄 Wahoo!

It’s great, because we have a FULL WEEKEND and then the actual holidays. Honestly though, I feel like everyone has family, friends, and loved ones plans on the calendar already, so I figured I would go over some yummy holiday cocktails that absolutely must make an appearance at all of your upcoming gatherings from now until… 2019! Enjoy the most wonderful time of year, and make sure you “cheers” with your company. See below for help ❤️

Rumchata Eggnog

This is just a classic!! You’re actually making your own eggnog, and it sounds the most delish! This is not a quick cocktail make-one-at-a-time situation. You’re making this to be able to pour into glasses, to entertain! Just keep that in mind! Happy sipping! Yes this is a sipping drink, it is much heavier than a normal cocktail!


Cran-Apple Sangria

For the wine lovers! Look at those cranberries! Cranberries are so Christmasy, aren’ they?! This is a fun spin on your casual glass of wine, why not step it up a notch. The recipe is simple, so it won’t take too much time away from engaging with your guests. That’s a win if you ask me!


Christmas Cookie

A cookie, but less effort and more alcohol? YES, PLEASE! The experts say that this drink can sneak up on you, as it contains 3oz of liqueurs! This is a perfect dessert drink, whether you pair it with an actual cookie or you enjoy solo. As mixthatdrink.com says, this is the perfect liquid congratulations to yourself for making it to Christmas Eve!


Drunk Grasshoppers

The name of this cocktail is hysterical! “Hey Grandma, do you want a drink? I have the perfect one for you, let me make you a drunk grasshopper!” I love it. But, how cute are they?! This is a perfectly minty bev, wonderful for any holiday celebration.


Cranberry Mojitos

These are the loveliest color red, right?! Eat, drink, and be merry! These drinks are definitely not for everyone, rum is a bit stronger of a taste for some. However, they are sweet, and fruity, and pretty, and most of all, they can be made in bulk or one at a time. You always need one of those! Cheers!


Red Hot Santa Tini

Spicy, spicier, spiciest! Bring them all! Have you ever made your own infused vodka? This is your chance! You can make it as spicy as your hopefully non-grinch heart wants! Leaving the chili peppers in for 3 days will give it a decent spice. Once the vodka is “made”, it’s a quick combo of ingredients, and voila! Red Hot Santa Tini!


I hope these gave you a few new ideas! Enjoy time with your loved ones, it’s a very special and magical time of year. Cheers, friends!

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