What's Up This Weekend?!

Love is in the air this week! Valentine’s Day is this Thursday, so what are you doing this coming weekend to celebrate all the love in your life?! Something fun, I hope! Whether you’re looking to give back, get fit, find balance, or be a social butterfly, we have something for everyone! Have the best weekend! ❤️

AFWP on Broadway 8!

2/17 | The Green Room 42 | 7:45 PM

This is the 8th annual fundraiser to support Artists for World Peace, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to connect communities of artists with communities in need! You can join Broadway’s biggest stars at The Green Room 42 this Sunday to watch them dance, sing, and tell stories. This will fund help for communities and children all over the world! The line-up is IMPRESSIVE! Take a LOOK! This looks like so much fun!


I Am Fabulous Workshop!

2/16 | 55 E84th St. | 10AM – 5PM

This sounds the MOST fabulous! I am sure you guys have heard about essential oils at some point, and this event will teach you application tips, as well as bring you through many breakthroughs. Bring your oils with you, but if you don’t have, there will be sharing involved! Be prepared for forgiveness, emotional shifts, clearing limiting beliefs, finding your purpose, and so many more feelings. This is the day for YOU. Healthy you = a better you!


❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Cosmic Fit Club — Free!

2/16 | Cosmic Fit Club | 10AM – 11PM

No, you did not read the times incorrectly! This is literally a full entire day of FREE fitness classes. You can sample all or one — literally as many as you want to sample, you can. Classes range from core conditioning, yoga, handstands, strength, acrobatics, and MORE! You are suggested to register through the ticket link below! Have your choice in movement, you can get any class your little heart desires!


Naked at The Met

Weekends in February | The Met

Guys, you’re not going to be naked at The Met! This is a super fun scavenger hunt that is happening where you are finding the naked in the art! Nudity is a staple in some forms of art, and The Met is challenging you to find it! They warn you that you will be surprised at the variety of ways nudity is included in the art. You will be on teams and follow a trail of clues! “No previous experience with art, or nudity, is required.” 😂Happy hunting!


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