What's Up This Weekend?!

OK, so where did February go? Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating NYE, honestly. Anyone else feel this way?! Talk to me in the comments! What is happening in your world this weekend though? Something fun, I hope! Whether you’re looking to give back, get fit, find balance, or be a social butterfly, we have something for everyone! Have the best weekend! ❤️

Sock Madness!

3/2 | Ainsworth Chelsea | 9:30PM

This Friday starts the month of March, and we all know what that means for college basketball, March Madness! You don’t bring socks with you, your ticket to the event, which includes open bar might I gracefully add, will be your fundraising weapon. Presented by Knock Knock Give a Sock, you will actually leave the party with a pair of socks to give to an unlucky neighbor on your way home. Let’s end homelessness and the stigma surrounding it. Be a positive change to the world!


DogGo Dash Fun Run!

3/3 | East River Park Track | 11AM – 1PM

DogGo Dash is the absolute best! Their main mission is to improve the overall health of city dwellers (hello, NYC) and their furry pooch friends by providing a trusted place for everyone to connect! This weekend join them at the track at East River Park. You can choose a 1.5 mile walk or a 3 mile run, pick your poison! Sunday morning started off right! The event is free, but definitely register!



Jump 2 Burn!

3/2 | Pearl Studios | 10 – 11AM

I actually had never thought about jumping rope as a form of exercise, but then 3 years ago I saw a special on GMA with a fitness guru and was immediately hooked! Your heart rate goes into orange and sweat starts to pour. The BEST feeling. So, if you have not tried this as part of your fitness, you’re in luck! This weekend join Make It Fun NYC for jump 2 burn, and have heaps of fun while you’re at it. Maybe it will stick like it did for me, you never know!


The Whiskey Walk!

3/2 | ALL OVER NYC | 12PM – 10PM

Listen listen LISTEN! This event, oh my goodness. You get 8, EIGHT, tastes of whiskey at the bars downtown. Starting at Sláinte mid-day and wandering to pre-planned bars in the area, only fun things can come your way! This is the most epic event for your first-weekend-of-march social calendar. Grab your friends, or SO, or family and get your whiskey tasting ON! Cheers!


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