From Sidelines to Sidekicks!

People say it’s hard to make friends post college but I never found that to be true because of NYC Social.

I met so many friends playing social sports, including my best friend Melissa. Melissa and I met in 2012 when we both joined a dodgeball team as free agents. We were both voluntary benchwarmers when it came to dodgeball but loved the post game flip cup and camaraderie. We also both worked in Times Square and would meet for pregame dinner and drinks. We quickly became best friends and found sports better suited for us – skeeball and cornhole. Over the years, we got more involved in NYC Social and became league hosts and volunteered with the Volo City Kids Foundation. Seven years later we are still best friends with a giant network of NYC Social friends. I work for Volo full time and Melissa leads the NYC Chapter of the Volo City Kids Foundation Junior Board.

We are both so grateful that NYC Social brought us friendships, careers, and a cause we are passionate about.

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