The Basics

We offer co-ed sports leagues in and around Manhattan and Brooklyn.

We host post-game social parties with drinking games and drink specials.

We provide an easy and fun way to meet new friends in NYC

The Mission

To provide boutique customer service – we care about every player.

To rock the best post-game socials in social sports.

To foster a community in a city where that can be really hard to find.

Our Core Values

  • Treat People the right way (Players, Staff and Partners)
  • No Barrier to Entry (Age, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Race or Ability)
  • Give the Same Effort for a 10 person Event as a 1,000 person Event
  • Be Creative and Try New things even if they fail!
  • Give People an avenue to HAVE FUN, Network and ENJOY LIFE
  • Create an Atmosphere that was Laid Back and Social at the field and the Bar!

Our Story

How it Started

We had some very Humble beginnings..  Our first every league was a 20 person Bocce league in Baltimore, MD .  We wanted to change the landscape and perception of Social League in Baltimore.  The Goal was to create something that was actually social, organized and a way for people to meet others people in a low intensity environment and be yourself!  We expanded to New York City in the fall of 2012 with the New York City Skeeball & Bocce Leagues.  New Yorkers really loved the social atmosphere of our leagues, the cool shirts, the great bar deals and our city championships & Free Beer events.   We have since expanded in new sports, events and all kinds of crazy stuff.

What We’re About

NYC Social is a New York City based sports and social club with an emphasis on the SOCIAL. If you’re a casual player looking to get a little active but you’re tired of those uber competitive, win-at-all-costs leagues, come check us out! We play in the leagues ourselves so we know the importance of community and creating an environment that’s welcoming, fun and as stress-free as possible.

Our perks include discounted food and drink prices at our sponsor bars, bar coupons for winning teams each week and even separate flip cup leagues for some of our sillier sports like kickball.

Trailblazers of social sports, we take fun seriously.  We’ve delivered the highest-quality leagues to tens of thousands of players, offering co-ed leagues with a social edge year-round to players of all experience levels.  There’s a lot of reasons people register with us – to meet people, get active, hang out with friends & coworkers regularly, blow off steam, for a love of the sport – but the reason players keep coming back is the social atmosphere.  Our community is welcoming, our staff cares, and you’re going to have a great time, both at the games and the bar.

Sure, we’ve got some great players who come back season after season, and yes, we’re here to promote the sports we love.  But all that’s nothing compared to our desire to show you a good time.  If you’re a casual player; looking to get into a new sport; tired of win-at-all-costs leagues; looking to make connections and have some fun – we’re for you.