NYC Soccer League

We offer opportunities for our players to compete for 7 weeks (including playoffs) both indoors & outdoors in friendly soccer games throughout the city.

** Please Note: For ALL leagues you will be registering in a NEW system.  All players will need to create a new account as we transition to a new software system.**

Check Back Soon for Awesome Leagues!

Check Back Soon for Awesome Leagues!

Check Back Soon for Awesome Leagues!

Check Back Soon for Awesome Leagues!

Check Back Soon for Awesome Leagues!

How to Sign Up

  • *Minimum players for a full soccer team depends on type of league.
    • 9v9 – 14 Player Min for Team
    • 7v7 – 12 Player Min for Team
    • 6v6 – 10 Player Min for Team
    • 5v5 –  9 Player Min for Team
  • If you do not meet the minimum, your team will be merged with free agents.
  • A Captain must create a team and all the team members must “join” the team. The Captain can pay for everyone or you can split up the fee’s among team members.
  • Yes! You can sign up together even if you do not have a full team!
  • *Size of small groups depends on type of soccer league
    • 9v9 – 2-13 Players for small group
    • 7v7 – 2-11 Players for small group
    • 6v6 – 2-9 Players for small group
    • 5v5 –  2-8 Players for small group
  • Have Captain “create team” & Note Estimated Players
  • Teammates Join “team” (Before registration deadline)
  • Once Registration is closed  we will merge you with other small groups and free-agents
  • Signing up as a solo player is the best way to meet people in NYC!
  • We will place you with a small group and/or other free agents to form a full team after the registration closes.
  • If you have a friend that decides to sign up just have them note to be put on the same team as you!


  • 6 Week Season + Playoffs
  • Minimum Top Half Teams Make Playoffs
  • Coed Leagues (Outdoor: 9v9, 7v7&6v6 Indoor: 5v5)
  • Friendly Games for teams not in playoffs
  • Outdoor: 5 Male Max on Field at Any Time Indoor: 3 Male Max on Field
  • All Equipment, Shirts & Ref’s Provided
  • Outdoor: Min to Play 4 w/ 1 Female  Indoor: Min to Play 3 w/ 1 Female
  • Click HERE for a copy of the rules.

Player Perks

Players registered with NYC Social enjoy player perks such as:

  • Team T-Shirts
  • Referees
  • Equipment
  • Prizes
  • End of Season Free Beer Party
  • Special Sponsor Opportunities (see what can happen in our leagues!)
  • Invitation to all Volo City Events

Post Game Social

We are known as the most social league in NYC and that’s because we care about the bar experience!

What to expect at the bar

  • Food & Drink Specials
  • Dedicated space & reserved tables for your league
  • League staff at the bar
  • When possible, multiple sports will go to the same bar so you can meet lots of new people!

Contact Us

For assistance and inquiries about scheduling, rules, and officiating, contact us at!

To learn more about NYC Social, read About Us or our Frequently Asked Questions.