NYC Social Bar Games Rules

Hoop Fever (1 point per game)

  • Teams will play in a best of 7 game.
  • Each player will play the entire 60 seconds.
  • Teams will rotate through all players on their roster in attendance.
  • Each team earns one point per game won.

Skeeball (1 point per game)

  • Teams will play in best of 9 game of Skeeball Match Play.
  • A skeeball match play game is played as each team will have 3 players roll 3 balls each for a total score for 9 balls thrown. The team with the higher score wins that game and point.
  • The most balls any one person can throw per 9 balls is 3 balls. So each team must use at least 3 players per 9 balls. If down a player team can still roll but only 6 balls, the remainder three will be gutters.
  • Each team must utilize every player in attendance and each team must use the same rotation of players.
  • The team that is ahead in score each game, throws the last ball first.
  • A bonus point will be awarded to the team that wins the best of 9 series.

Shuffleboard (1 point per game won)

  • Teams split into two teams of at least two players for two simultaneous games. (if there are multiple boards)
  • Games are played to 11.
  • Teams will play as many games as time allows.
  • If the team goes over 11 points they win that game.