NYC Social Flip Cup Rules

Flip Cup League Rules

Straight Flip Cup- We’ve listened to the masses and brought to you by popular demand- FLIP CUP LEAGUES

Flip cup league plays best out of 9 each week against their opponent. It’s a race to see who can get the W!

After your normally scheduled game, we will be playing Survivor each week- every man for himself to see who will be the SURVIVOR of the week!

Flip Cup for after your league (Kickball and Dodgeball)

After your games, both teams will play in a best of 7 (first team to 4 wins) flip cup game for a point!

That’s right, a kickball/dodgeball win is 2 points and a flip cup win is 1 point! You must have at least 5 players (no maximum)

If the teams do not match up, the captains must agree on the amount of players and remember you can sub!